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Australia day weekend

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So we managed to get a few friends together and go for a drive. we started on sunday trying to get to the blowhole again. It's been as hot as here last week had to find somewhere to go for a swim.

Had a few aditions since The last trip I posted.


Cars packed, Lets go Dad.



Finaly got everyone together. Jonno in the Subaru, us, Andy in the Ssangyong, Chrystal in the Pathfinder, Emma's parents in the Rodeo and Jason and family in the Maverick/Patrol.



Had a slight problem. This bridge has been 1/2 washed out for years, the hole behind everyone is old.



This is new.



We checked it out and decided against going over it. Jason and I would have been able to get around by going up the creek(we think) but the others wouldn't so we turned around.


The other Emma that came out for the day lives in the area and was able to direct us to Punchbowl, so we turned around went for about another hour and gave up on the blowhole for the moment. Had some lunch then finaly found some water.


Morgan had a ball. And everyone else cooled down.



Everyone except Jason Crystal and us headed home then we went on to find the blowhole.


Crystal hasn't been out the bush much (at all) I think she lernt alot tho and will have a bit more confidence next time. Got hung up on rear bumper and exhaust.


a few rocks and a bit of a push no problem.




Again a bit nervous it was decided to lower her down with the winch. problem being that the winch wasn't braking, as I let it out it was over running and i had to stop it by pulling the winch back in, got her half way down and the winch died wouldn't spool out any more. I can here the solinoid click but thats it. still winds in and was holding after it was stoped. Oh well another project.


Afternoon tea.



These are older pictures but this is the blowhole



Last time we were there Phill jumped off from the top on the side where Jason is standing in the second pic, it sounded like a shotgun going off. Both swiming holes are deep, the water at the blowhole was alot cooler and very refreshing.


Heading back out.



There is a track here just not used much.



A bit of spoting.



Just chilling.


Crystals second water crossing.(first was this one on the way in)


I think she would have made it with a it more experience, but it was getting late and jason had to start work at 4:30 in the morning, so we towed her up.


I went with the old track.


That was it for Sunday. Jason and family and Crystal and her family grabed some takeaway from Kempsey and headed the hour back home. We turned off before town and headed back to our place.


Tuesday was a public holiday so Jason and i went out again. ill post picks next time.


Hope you enjoy

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Cool stuff. Thanks for sharing...


The blow hole looks mighty inviting... ;)

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out in the country for some good times with friends and family - that's what it's all about! thanks for posting :)

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Thanks for sharing the pictures!

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Funny how it's so hot there yet winter time here.. I'd jump off that rock!

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Great story, thanks for posting! Of course now I want to go to the blowhole... Always blows my mind to see people driving from the right side seat!

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