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Apache Lake Cove Exploration Part 2 - Apr 9, 2016 Picture Thread

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Yesterday we drove to Punkin Center, and then on to Roosevelt Dam where we turned right on the Apache Trail. We had a very enjoyable tourist type of day, stopping along the way at all the points of interest, and taking several side trails to the lake in search of promising future camp sites. Back in the day there were multiple 'wild' camping spots along the northeastern end of Apache Lake that you needed 4 wheel drive to get to.


As it turns out, the roads to all those pristine beaches are now graded and accessible by car. There are even port-a-potties at most popular spots. Apparently revenue from the Tonto Pass helps pay to maintain the roads and toilets, so it's a win-win from the point of view of the average guy with a car. Sadly its a lose-lose for the 4x4 crowd; we used to be able to escape the crowds at beautiful unmolested beaches, but now everyplace is littered and overused.


It was still a lot of fun and the weather and scenery were amazing.


The gang:




The bridge over Roosevelt Lake near Roosevelt Dam:




Dan on the bridge:




Kind of a cool shot back at the bridge right after we turned on Apache Trail:




More bridge:




The lake side of Roosevelt Dam:




We stopped at 'Inspiration Point' to check out the back of the dam. There were a lot of big black fish in the water just below the observation point all swimming like an army in long lines. Dan got a great shot of them.




Then we headed southwest on Apache Trail:






We stopped at almost every beach access along the lake with disappointing results. They were all crowded and littered. Apache Lake Resort Marina is all paved and has several motel rooms. Picture of Dan's Jeep as we were leaving the marina:




On Apache Trail next to the marina turnoff is a kiosk and a short trail to an observation point where we stopped for pictures. Beautiful view:




I had forgotten what a pleasant drive the Apache Trail is because of the beautiful scenery. It's a double edged sword though because you really need to keep your eyes on the road. We saw a lot of traffic and oncoming vehicles crossed to our side a couple times.








We stopped at this bridge which is apparently a popular place to park. George, Dan & Kristen hiked up to a nearby cave.














Looking back at where we came from:




Then we stopped at a kiosk where a short hike took us to an overlook of a gorgeous canyon. We noticed what might have been a wrecked car down below the road there that Dan got some great pictures of.






At Tortilla Flats we re-connected our sway-bars, said our see-ya's and headed for home.




It was super crowded there, lots of tourists!




The rest of the road was all narrow, windy, 2-lane pavement. It was nice to see Canyon Lake, my old favorite place to water ski.




Further down the road a we almost clipped a motorcycle that had to swerve back into his own lane. The Apache Trail is too crowded on the weekends, I recommend this one for mid-week get-away's only. :cool:


All my pics: Diane's Album

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We all enjoyed the trip. Thanks D&G!

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Thanks for sharing the trip report. Stinks about the coves. Last time we took the boat to Canyon lake near tortilla flats we saw a guy wipe out on his motorcycle around a blind turn trying to avoid a car that was driving perfectly fine in its' own lane. Didn't look like a very skilled rider but yeah, them are some tight turns. Especially when pulling a boat.





What are the black panels on the sides and doors of George's jeep for, az pinstripe protection?

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We were up around Canyon Lake and Tortilla Flat during the week about a month ago and it was still very crowded so I'm not sure there's any getting away from the masses.

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