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Shop for a lift?

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Hey all,


I'm looking to do a mild lift on my 2WD Silverado for a little extra ground clearance and a nice stance to it. The kit is a 3" suspension lift by Rough Country (kit 232N2 to be specific) which will put it at 4WD model stock height.


I found a shop near 91st and Peoria that says they will install it for $300 in about 4 hours. I've seen mixed reviews on the shop, mostly positive. At $300 I'm interested.


The install instructions mention a little grinding on some brackets for clearance and product reviews mention the possibility as well. I'm not sure if that shop realizes it. They are not an off road specialty shop.


So, I was curious if anyone knows a good shop (preferably on the west side or central area) at a decent price. Or, does anyone recommend doing the install myself? I certainly feel capable of doing so, and I often have 3 day weekends to do the work. I'm at a bit of a time vs money battle knowing that some projects have major issues based on things like a lift and specialty tools being readily available.


Thanks in advance!

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