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Hoover Dam ByPass Bridge Progress

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We chose to go over the Hoover Dam and through Las Vegas on the way up to

Tahoe to run The Rubicon, because I wanted to see the progress on the


bridge they're building to span the Colorado River just below the


Hoover Dam (the by-pass to the Hoover Dam). Here are the pictures I





We were diverted into an inspection lane because we were towing


Number 7. All vehicles which could be carrying massive explosives are inspected.

This picture shows an approach ramp to the new bridge





Almost down to the dam from the Arizona side




From the dam you can see that Lake Mead is pretty far down from earlier days




From here you get a better view of the new bridge construction; so close to meeting in the middle!




Lots of cool photo-ops as you drive along. Made me wish I was on foot!








Last look as you make the turn out of the river canyon




A lucky snap of the shutter out the back from the cab of the truck reveils the Colorado River




The dam by-pass is less than a year away from completion. Won't it be


interesting to drive above the Colorado River from such heights?

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wow, they are actually moving pretty fast... these were taken at the end of January:






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