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Happy Jack to Camp Verde May 2016 Picture Thread

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Here is a picture to get this thread started.




It was a fun weekend with a change of scenery and change of climate for most of us as we traveled from near Stoneman Lake to Camp Verde AZ on dirt, passing some very kewl points of interest along the way. Someone noticed that we had 4 generations of Cherokee Jeeps on this trip, the oldest of which is in the foreground here.


Please go ahead and post your pictures and videos here in this thread for everyone to see, and thank you for sharing them with us!


Thanks also for coming out to share this weekend with us. Awesome times with awesome people!!

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At the air down spot



T bar cabin for lunch










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Easy trail this weekend....





We took a spur to an overlook of the Wet Beaver Creek wilderness area.





It was very windy and cold so we started the campfire early.







A Cherokee family portrait




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Looks like a great trip! Sorry that I missed it...

smiles, ladybug

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thanks for posting pics everyone! here are a few of mine...



Curly, G&D, and myself met a day early to run Rattlesnake Canyon from North to South. we had a clear view of the Apache Maid fire tower hill early on.




another overlook gave us a good view of Sedona in the distance, and the I-17 in the foreground.




a tree and some Jeeps...




thank you gate-lady!




fortunately we didn't see any snakes in Rattlesnake Canyon, too cold i suppose.





on Saturday we did several trails south of Rattlesnake Canyon, meeting near Stoneman "Lake" (it's dry now). we had a big group, but everyone did a good job of keeping an eye out for the guy behind them at turns and no-one got lost.




a spur trail led us to an overlook of Wet Beaver Creek wilderness area.




we camped in the pines near the head of Brady Canyon, where Web Beaver Creek is nothing more than a small dry wash. Diane noticed that there were wild Irises growing there, which neither of us had ever seen before in AZ.




as we descended in elevation near the end of the trail, we traded the Pine trees and Juniper bushes for a nice view of the Verde Valley. it quickly turned warm though.




Curly told us of one last escape from the heat in the form of an oasis at the West Clear Creek day use area. most of us took the spur trail there and had lunch together.






it was nice to have escaped the heat and to hang with friends all weekend yet only have a short drive down the 17 to return home!

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Curly's jeep transformed overnight :)

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