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The CJ7 Project "Phoenix"

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Yeah, its been a different year for us. for me getting back into dual sport bikes, Bridget getting into them for the first time. We picked up an RV last fall. The Mule (click here) has just kind of been sitting there. We were holding onto it until we knew for sure which we we were heading. The one thing we had the most fun in and missed the most was our CJ7. So the plan is to get some fixes done on the truck and get it on the market. Also, as awesome as the truck is it just felt too big for what we want to do. We really want to get back with the ORP crowd. Not that you guys deny other rigs in any ways it jsut feels more right for us personally in a jeep


The plan:

To find a 83-86 CJ7 in the Southwest. Preferably with a Automatic. we want the 83-86 for a couple reasons. 1) the Dana 300 T-case, 2) wide track axles, 3) lockouts, 4) AMC 20 rear axle).


Also with the CJ7 its carbureted so less wires to pull as we will be installing the 5.7 Tuned Port motor that was planned for the truck with a 700r4 mated tot he Dana 300. This will give us more power and much better MPG.


a modest 4" lift with the Rough Country Ez-ride springs and Bilstein shocks.


update the CJ rollbars o the 93-95 YJ cage.

Update the dashboard with a custom setup

add A/C

Add onboard air with a York pump.

Lock right locker in rear

Upgrade hubs to 76-80 6 bolt lockouts

Steering brace

Steering box bracket


fresh 5.7 TPI motor with 700r4 but the current motor will do for now.

We will pretty much recreate the same bumpers and sliders but with some updates from metal fab and CAD work I've learned over the last decade. They were cheap effective and looked good (and that was with a torch and arc welder!)


Pics of our old CJ7 in Minnesota














It might be a while before the next post.

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Aside from the Bilstein shocks, Rough Country Ez-ride springs and other upgrades, were you able to add more parts to the CJ7? how's the progress of this build, by the way?

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