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Toyota FJ Cruiser ends worldwide production in August

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I wasn't even aware that Toyota had removed the FJC from the U.S., and now they're going to stop production entirely.





"Come August, Toyota will cease production of the retro FJ Cruiser off-roader after a decade of production. Toyota put the FJ Cruiser into production in 2006 as a modern incarnation of the legendary FJ40 Land Cruiser.


After initial excitement, sales began tapering off until the Japanese automaker withdrew the FJ Cruiser from the North American market after the 2014 model year. However production continued through today for markets like Australia, where the FJ still enjoys a loyal following. Production will end entirely, for all markets, in August.


In an industry increasingly focused on mild-mannered crossovers, the FJ was as rough-and-tumble as they come. It could go where few others could and had a real presence. Little wonder they've retained their resale value as well as they have."


Full story right here at Autoblog

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