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What is my project worth?

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I'm thinking about selling my buggy project, but I have no idea of what kind of a price to put on it. I've searched Craigslist and some of the other forums but with some of my uniqueness to it I have no idea of where to start. As many who have gone to the Hunter Offroad's annual Christmas BBQ have seen it sitting in the corner collecting dust. This is not an official for sale ad, I will make an official sale ad in the for sale area.


Some of the specs:


95 inch wheel base

Dana 25 front

Dana 44 rear (10 spline)

5.38 gears

Willys 60hp L-head 4 cylinder, rebuilt by Hoppers in Tempe

T-90 transmission

Spicer 18 transfercase, both the tranny and t-case rebuilt by the old Jeep legend, the late Joe W. from 4Wheelers Supply.

Super Swamper 32x9.50R15 TSL's

Beard suspension seats

19 gallon fuel cell

Rancho 2.5" YJ Rear springs, front and rear

Rancho RS9000 shocks

all the tube work and welding has been by John at Hunters.


Here's a link to the old build thread I had on the VJC: Project ***


Like I said being as odd as it is, I have no idea of where to start my asking price at.


I appreciate any responses.

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No idea what is worth, but that looks like too much fun to sell.

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nice parts list, and sounds like you've had good people do the work... i think the first question any potential buyer would ask is: "what exactly would it take to get it driveable?"


so maybe consider how much money needs to be put into it still and subtract that from what folks are asking for nice buggies on craigslist/facebook classifieds/etc. just one approach anyway!

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