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14" Dry Cut Metal Saw On Sale

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Thanks for that link Kris. I’ll have to check them out.


I couldn’t find anyone locally that would replace a shattered carbide tooth (don’t ask) on my hi end table saw blade. Had to send it back to the manufacturer in New Jersey.


I must have missed those guys.


Edit: They look like the real deal. They even do handsaws and specify them by type! I have a backsaw that I’d like to get touched up.

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I found this auxiliary table for the Dewalt saw interesting, but not at that price.



I wouldn’t think it would be too difficult to fab up something similar to preform the addded functions if you saw a need for them. Especially since the holes in the table don’t appear to be threaded.

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fyi, the saw is still going strong.


my only real annoyances are in the somewhat flimsy fence and hold-down clamp. IMO, the manufacture could make the whole assembly more precise without a ton of expense. mainly it's hard to keep a flat piece of steel straight against the fence when cutting at an angle. still very happy with the purchase overall.



i ended up going with a Dewalt DWA7747 66 tooth blade. it was about $110 last October and free shipping with Amazon Prime. I don't have any other experience with decent blades to compare it with, but it outlasted the blade that came with the saw already.


i've probably made nearly 100 cuts of various shaped 1/8" and 3/16" steel so far, and a few on 1/4". it's still working just like it was when new.



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