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Crown King Trail Ride (November 19, 2016)

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This event is cross-posted from our sister club 4x4 Ham.


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Weeeeeeeeeelllllllllll it sure seems like it has been a looooooonnnnnnngggg time since we had a run... So, I am planning a trek to Crown King (back way from Lake Pleasant) on November 19th, 2016... If you’re interested in joining us, we will meet at New River Road & Carefree Highway on the Northwest corner at 7:30 AM... Yes I know it's an early start but, the burgers are good where we are going. Plus it will give us time to play on obstacles... Woooooo Hoooooo...... I will be eating lunch at the Mill up on the hill... I have heard great things about their food.... MMmmmMmmMMmmM.... You can still however go to the Saloon to eat if you prefer... Oh, and also stop and get some fudge too at the General Store for the ride down the hill.... Muuuahahahahahahahah.... I am setting a limit of 14 vehicles for this run. I have heard that some of the obstacles have changed, hmmm maybe better for JEEPS.... MUHAHAHAHAHAHA.... Once everyone who is going is at the meet up zone, we will take off to the air down spot where those of us who want to, will air down, disconnect or whatever we do to our Jeeps to make them trail ready.... Plan on an all-day fun trail ride...


COMMUNICATIONS: Talk in frequency will be 147.240 + offset PL Tone 162.2, once we leave the meet up spot we will use SIMPLEX 147.520


If you have any questions please text/call at 602.290.3781 or e-mail Harry.


What your vehicle will need:


Off road tires are recommended,

A lift of 2" or more is recommended on some of the obstacles,

There are bypasses for all the obstacles if you just don't want to do them,

Enough water for all persons in your vehicle,

I plan on having lunch in Crown King so bring your own lunch and/or snacks for your peeps in your jeeps to munch on,

A to go box with essentials,

A well behaved attitude as well as PATIENCE when on the trail,

Hey, Maybe we might have some mud/rain??? Wooooo Hoooooo....

Thank you & let's have a FUN & SAFE run



1- Harry + 3 riders

















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