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Arizona 4x4 Ham Net

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This event is cross-posted from our sister club 4x4 Ham.


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Announcing the return of the 4x4 Ham net in 2017!


What: Arizona 4x4 Ham Net


When: 2nd Wednesday of each month at 8:30pm MST (Thursday 3:30am UTC)


January 11th

February 8th

March 8th

April 12th

May 10th

June 14th

July 12th

August 9th

September 13th

October 11th

November 8th

December 13th


Where: ARA Metrolink repeaters


Shaw Butte 147.24+ (162.2)

Mt. Ord 146.92- (162.2)

Scottsdale Airpark 146.76- (162.2)

Usery Pass 146.86- (162.2)

Daisy Mtn. FD 448.375- (100.0)



It's time to try to reboot the net. Let's do it once a month instead of weekly. I'm changing the start time to 8:30pm from the old 8:15pm to give us a few more minutes padding between the SkyWarn net at 8pm. The net will be the Arizona 4x4 Ham Net. The net template will be published for other regions to start their own net, if desired. We'll also try to host occasional IRLP/Echolink or HF nets.




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