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12/27/16 Elvis Trail & Box Canyon, Florence Junction

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Tuesday this week a small group of us ran Elvis trail, then took Box Canyon back to Price Road & Florence Junction. Here are some of the pictures I took, if you want to see the entire batch click here >>>Diane's Pictures


Ricky Bobby on the 1st obstacle:




jkur on the 1st obstacle:




scottL coming up the 2nd obstacles:




gearhead's turn:








Ricky Bobby on that weird bolder in the middle of the trail:




Scotty same place:




There's a bunch of pictures in the middle of my album that are distorted for some reason. I had accidentally changed the image size on the camera and changed it back later in the day. But I tried to crop these to fix the weird size, and obviously it distorted the images. Anyway, use your imagination for now - I'll go back and fix them later. :cool:


Ricky Bobby in the 'squeeze':




Scotty coming out of the squeeze. We didn't go up that waterfall that's next to the squeeze because it was all muddy at the bottom and full of bees.




Coming up out of the wash:




Beautiful scenery on the way to Box Canyon:




Going into Box Canyon:




Mason's almost as tall as Scott, but he's still a rock-climber like when he was little:




In Box Canyon:




Airing up. Price Road is paved all the way back to the big ranch where Country Thunder is held so we aired up there.




It was a fun day and luckily we all made it home unscathed. I'll tell you what happened on the way home in a minute. :eek:

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My facebook post from yesterday that tells what happened on the way home:


When we were on our way home from wheeling in Florence Junction yesterday a miracle happened. We were northbound on Hwy. 79 behind our friend Dan. A UTV (side-by-side) was ahead of him on the road going in the same direction, and it pulled off to the right side. Dan passed it, and just as we were almost there, the UTV pulled back onto the roadway to make a U-Turn RIGHT IN FRONT OF US!


If you've ever driven a lifted Jeep on 35" tires, you probably understand the need for a lot more braking distance to come to a stop from highway speeds than say, a Honda Civic. And you probably also understand the utter sense of panic George and I felt when the UTV entered our path.


Luckily the UTV driver glimpsed us hurtling toward him and gunned the engine into the other lane just as we passed. Also luckily the Jeep maintained traction and control and we continued on our way, albeit with shaking legs (isn't that adrenaline thing weird?). In the rear view mirror we saw the UTV pull off on the other side of the road, whether to barf, change pants, or thank their lucky stars, we'll never know.


Today I am thankful that we did not kill two people yesterday. I'm super happy I did not learn their names or who they are under those dire and horrific circumstances. I'm grateful that somebody's guardian angel was looking out for them.

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What Diane and George are too modest to mention, is how nice and responsible they are toward fellow OP'ers. Here's another story from this trip:


- How Dan followed his GPS and why George is always right -


So after inflating my tires, I've hit "Go home" on my GPS. Through my Jeep's speakers, a seductive female voice instructed me to make a U-Turn - and I've obliged. The GPS instructed me to go back on Price Rd, which puzzled me a bit, but my trusty GPS never let me down before. Plus, which man can say "no" to a seductive voice? So I kept driving, until the next prompt was "Now follow Mineral Rd for 9 miles". At which point I've got concerned, checked the turn-by-turn directions and noticed that the GPS was taking me to Rt60 via Box Canyon. So I've turned back. Not 5 mins later, my phone rings: George noticed that I took the wrong turn and was concerned whether I was OK. Not only that, he waited for me on the side of the road to make sure I was OK.


In the past I had a good laugh at dumb people following their GPS and falling off a cliff. Now I know better.


Thanks G&D!

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Thanks for posting pictures Diane. Wow. Glad everybody made it home safe eventually:o

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you guys spanked it, looks like a ton of fun. thanks for posting the pics

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