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2017 RAD events – Area 51, Salton Sea, Mammoth, Pony Express, Black Rock, and more

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Hello everyone,


Instead of making a post for each event, I am going to make one post that lists all the events for the Road Adventures Club (Formerly ROC). This way you can subscribe to the thread to get event reminders and see post run reports and images in one spot. This is also to make sure we are a good forum supporter by keeping the post clutter down to a minimum and it allows us to post all the disclaimer stuff in one spot.



2017 Event Dates:


March 4-5 – Black Rock Desert / Lovelock Mines

April 7-8 – Salton Sea / Ocotillo Wells

May 19-20 – Area 51 – Vegas to Vegas

June 24-25 – Test and tune / Dirt days

July 14-16 – Pony Express – Salt Lake to Carson City

August 18-20 – Mammoth Volcanic Trails

September 8-10 – Pismo Beach Dunes

October 13-15 – ROC Fest – Barstow


Events will be posted to this thread on how to sign up.





These are pay your own way events. This means even I, the organizer, pays my own way to attend. Organizing drives is my hobby, and I enjoy organizing and hosting events for fellow enthusiasts. I pay for the website and store system out of my own pocket to make sharing information and registering easier on everyone.


Expectations of participants.


Our trail runs are planned around having fun, seeing sites, and traveling specific amounts of mileage per day / event. This means you, the participant, are aware of the miles needing to be covered per day and that you are expected to cover these miles in a reasonable time frame. Our group is NOT a "fly as fast as you can" group, but at the same time we are not a crawler group. We enjoy off roading with all types of trucks/SUVs , therefore the routes and daily mileage requirements are selected with non-modified 4X4 vehicles in mind. By signing up, you understand we ask that when the trail conditions allow, you drive at a safe pace that allows you to cover the terrain / distance as expected by the group.


Recommended gear


Boefang U5R Hand Held VHF Radio – OR - 50 watt VHF Radio

2 full size spares (Depending on trip / 1 is minimum with plug kit)

Off road GPS setup

- Lowrance GPS Unit

- Android – Backcountry Navigator

- IOS – Motion X

Tow Straps

5 Gallons of Fuel

GPS mileage APP or Lowrance overlay

- Android - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ee.planet.kaupov.gpstripmeter

- IOS - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/rally-tripmeter/id1063654075?mt=8



We are looking forward to seeing all the old faces on the trail as well as meeting new people who enjoy going out on desert trail runs.


For more details see the club website at : Road Adventure Drives

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Black Rock Trails – March 4 - 5


The first of the 2017 event year starts off with a fun adventure weekend that has an out and back format. Day one we be driving the Fly Geyser / Black Rock Trail. Covering 259 miles of mixed terrain, it will be quite an adventure. The mid-day lunch point includes seeing the Fly Geysers and a fun run down the Black Rock dry lake bed, or as you may know it, Burning Man. On the way back to the hotel, we will also make a stop to see an un-named mine. Sorry, there are no details on it other than it was an old copper mine.


Day two we will head to our poker run 4 area with the emphases on exploring. We will be covering 200 miles of trails and visiting 4 mine sites. This day is meant to be a little more relaxed, with some smoother trails and less adventure trails. Our goal is to be back to Reno by 6:00pm for dinner so people can start to make the trek home.


* Hotels are billed at a group rate with taxes included.

* Whole Foods boxed lunch includes sandwich, pasta salad, fruit, cookie, and soda.

* Port o Subs boxed lunch includes sandwich, chips, fruit, cookie, and soda.


*Weather note*

With all the wild weather as of late, we have alternate trails planned in case of rain before the event. These trails are more about exploring, with several stops at abandoned mines. We would only use these trails if the event is under threat of rain, in order to avoid a mud fest.


Pre Event hotel

Date: March 3rd – Pre-event night

Hotel: Western Village

Address: 815 Nichols Blvd, Sparks, NV 89434


For those who are there early and wish to meet for dinner, we will meet at the following brewery. If you plan on attending the dinner, please make sure to note it on the registration form.


Date: March 4rd

Address: Carolina Kitchen and BBQ - 950 Glendale Ave, Sparks, NV 89431

Time: 6:00pm


Day 1: March 4 – Black Rock

To start, we will be heading out on a loop north, which will end in Fernley, NV. We decided to get a hotel for this run so that the following day we only have to drive 10 miles rather than 40 miles to get to the trail.


Day 1: Meeting Location

Address: Shell - 8755 N Red Rock Rd, Reno, NV 89508

Time: 7:30am

Depart: 8:00am – Trip begins.


The first leg of the day will have the longest section of pavement in order to get to the main trails. The trails for the day will be a mix of open terrain and lake beds.


Lunch stop will be at Black Rock Lake Bed

Address: Gerlach, NV 89412

Time: ~12:30pm arrive with 30 min for lunch


After lunch, we will head along the Black Rock lake bed and then turn to the lake for a fun run down the lake bed to the fuel stop for the day.


Address: NV-447, Gerlach, NV 89412


The last section of the day will be the adventure trail section, which leads up to an abandon copper mine. This section of trail has a lot of tight turns and a few areas where you get to work on your transitions over the terrain. By the end of the day, you will have earned your beer, in a fun way of course.


Address: Best Western - 1405 E Newlands Rd, Fernley, NV 89408

Time: `6:00pm


Dinner for end of Day one will be in Sparks at Mary & Moe's Wigwam.

Address: 255 Main St, Fernley, NV 89408


Day 2: March 5


Day two will be an open terrain trail day. We will be headed to four mines to explore the forgotten past of Nevada.


Address: Best Western - 1405 E Newlands Rd, Fernley, NV 89408

Time: 7:30am meet up in parking lot

Depart: 8:00am to head to trails.


Lunch stop will be around noon at the 3rd mine stop. After exploring the mines, we will have some open terrain trails to explore as we head back towards Reno for dinner. We should be off trail earlier on this day so people can begin to make their way home in the evening.


Dinner Stop for those who wish to join in some local brew’s.

Address: Great Basin Brewing - 846 Victorian Ave, Sparks, NV 89431

Time: 6:30pm


For those who have a longer drive home, you are welcome to keep on trekking once we are off trail. The dinner stop is the last planned event stop for this weekend’s adventure.


Register for the event on the club site:

Black Rock Registration

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Salton Sea – April 7-8




Register here for the event:


We are headed south to the Salton Sea for our first Southern California Adventure. This weekend is broken up into two parts. Day 1 is a long trail run that loops around the east side of the lake to see several sights in the area. Day 2 is all about fun and goofing off in the home of desert pre-runners of Ocotillo Wells.


We will be using one hotel as a base of operation to do the out and back trail runs. For those who wish to camp you are welcome to find a place to pitch a tent. For those bring family members who do not want to go on the trails, there will be a group seeing local area attractions for kids and adults alike.


* Hotels are billed at a group rate with taxes included.

* Whole Foods boxed lunches include sandwich, pasta salad, fruit, cookie, and soda.



!! - Hotel deadline is march 24 to secure a room at group rate. - !!

After this deadline you are on you own and may not have a room as most hotels are booked!



Pre Event hotel


Date: April 6

Address: Quality Inn -1269 E. Palm Canyon Dr., Palm Springs, CA, 92264


For those who are there early and wish to meet for dinner, we will meet at the following location. If you plan on attending the dinner, please make sure to note it on the registration form.


Date: April 6th

Address: El Tapatio Restaurant - 83161 Indio Blvd, Indio, CA 92201

Time: 6:00pm


Day 1: April 7 (Friday)


This is the longest mileage day of the trip, as we will be exploring a loop east of the Salton Sea. Planned stops include the Salton Sea museum, old town, Patton Museum and old rail line.


Address: Quality Inn -1269 E. Palm Canyon Dr., Palm Springs, CA, 92264

Meet Time: 7:00am

Depart: 7:30am


Lunch will be around noon on the trail near what is an abandon mine rail system. After lunch, we will head to the Patton Museum and some fun trails back to the hotel


Restaurant for the night

Address: Sloan's Restaurant - 81539 CA-111, Indio, CA 92201

Time: ~ 7:00pm meet for dinner


Hotel Accommodations

Address: Quality Inn -1269 E. Palm Canyon Dr., Palm Springs, CA, 92264



Day 2: April 8 (Friday)


We are headed to the home of the pre-runner. Ocotillo Wells is well known as a place to go have fun and make dust in a Baja 1000 type environment. This day is all about fun and exploring some of the sites of the area. Major stops are a natural arch and an airplane grave yard.


Address: Quality Inn -1269 E. Palm Canyon Dr., Palm Springs, CA, 92264

Meet Time: 7:30am

Depart: 8:00am


Lunch will be around noon on the trail after we stop at the airplane grave yard. After lunch the loop will head to the old Salton Sea air base to see the old airfield, bunkers and tackle an adventure trail.


Restaurant for the night

Address: Jackalope Ranch - 80400 CA-111, Indio, CA 92201

Time: ~ 7:00pm meet for dinner


Hotel Accommodations

Address: Quality Inn -1269 E. Palm Canyon Dr., Palm Springs, CA, 92264


After event rooms are at the same hotel for those who have to travel home a long distance.


Register here for the event:

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Reminder for Salton Sea trip.


The group hotel DEADLINE is March 24th. At that time any rooms not booked will be released and you are on your own for a room. This was the agreement with the hotel.


The main event deadline is the week of the event. April 5th


If you wish to book under the group rate, do so ASAP.


Register on the club site. www.raddrives.com/catalog

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With all the wacky weather hitting northern NV, the Black Rock run turned into one EPIC adventure for all those who attended. For those of you who missed it you missed a lot of fun and some adrenaline experiences.


Full Album: http://raddrives.com/albums/2017-BlackRockRun/




Day 1 started off with wind. And when we say wind, we mean cold, sustained 30-45 mph wind. 20 trucks ranging from Jeep, Tacoma, F350 and Raptor headed off to the trail head 14 miles from the start point. Here the group aired down and wondered what to expect as the ground was snow covered still and there were patches of mud. Luckily the start of the run was manageable and only those who wanted to plow through the mud did so. Soon the group found its first set of obstacles. The rain had washed away large sections of trails leaving canyons the size of school buses.




However, at each challenge the group found a way to pass and kept moving forward. This also included several river type crossings which made for awesome photo ops.




After making it past the first mountain section the group hit the flat lands and could speed up. After making the turn on the long straight away we ran across large puddles. Here is where the trucks all became painted the terrain color. Two of the group got stuck in mud but luckily having a F350 on the group made this recovery a breeze.




After lunch the group hit the longest section to Black Rock Desert. The trail started off fast and fun until it ran across a new lake. Making a slight detour the group was back on track. Exiting out of the valley trails we hit the playa.


The trails were smooth until we hit the run off section. For the next 30 miles, we entered the “technical section”. Here we hit many washouts and section of trail we had to detour to cross as they were again as wide and as deep as a bus. A few trucks got stuck trying to cross these deep sections but recovery each time was quick as we were ready to pull them back just in case.




The last crazy section for day 1 was hitting the playa floor. Blazing along just fine we started to run across softer and softer sections. Radio chatter was HAMMER DOWN to keep power through this soft muck. After a few miles, we found a point where we could get closer to the hill and hard group. All but two trucks were not able to make it up to the safe trail. Once again working smart we were able to pull the two stuck members out in under 10 minutes.




Regrouping off the playa we made the last push to Black Rock and the lake of Burning Man. By the time we reached this location, we were late in the day and aired up to head back to Fernley. This meant we did not completed 65 miles of planned trails of the 220 for the day.




Day 2 started off just as wild with a snow blizzard hitting the group at the hotel. As several people had long drives home, ¼ of the group bowed out and the rest made a plan to head to the large mine stop for the day. Driving to Lovelock the group turned west and hit the trails. This 40 mile trek to the mine was some of the best trails of the weekend as they were smooth, had good jumps and whoops as well as were not to snow covered.




The group reached the old mine and did a little exploring just before another snow blizzard hit us. Heading on a different trail, the group headed back for fuel and lunch before calling the event due to conditions.


This event was one wild adventure and even though the trails were not the normal fun runs we enjoy, the challenges it provided made everyone who attended earn their off road stripes.



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