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3/4/2017: Ajax Mine & Telegraph Line Road

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Yesterday I had the pleasure of leading The West Phoenix 4x4 Meetup peeps on the Ajax Mine Trail and Telegraph Line Road from Florence Junction to Superior. They were a fun group of 10 rigs, plus 2 members from here, Camprats Steve and JeepUniq Dan, came to help George and I keep the group together. We allowed a little time for the west siders to try one of the little rock-crawl sections in Ajax Wash, which they really seemed to like. We ate lunch at the Ajax Mine. We stopped at the obsidian field near Superior to see if we could find any Apache Tears; we didn't. The weather was perfect yesterday, just a little cloud cover to keep it from being too hot.


Convoy of Jeeps with Camprats in front and JeepUniq in the rear:




We stopped to check out a fence with gate across a lower section of Ajax Wash:




The gang dubiously examining the rocks:




G spanking the rock pile:






It's funny, this guy David is a friend of mine on Facebook, but I didn't realize it was him until he posted pictures last night from this outing!




Camprats Steve coming up the rocks




Dan from JeepUniq on the rock




This is John & Donna's beautiful HardRock Edition Rubicon on the rocks




This is the leader of the West Phoenix 4x4 Meetup, Bill Tower's Rubicon on the rocks




The desert was super lush after all the rain we've been getting










We aired up across the street from the cemetery in Superior, just as a funeral procession was passing by. The hearse was a tractor pulling a covered wagon trailer.




Airing up:



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I've been watching the videos that Bill Tower and his wife, Elfie, produce of their 4x4 trips. They've gotten quite a following, because people seem to enjoy the in cab dialog between Bill & Elfie while on the trail. She gets a little nervous sometimes, and she's not shy to say so. Here's the video he made our our fun yesterday. Enjoy:



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Great trip Diane. Liked the photo about dubiously examining the rocks.

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