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Table Mesa Trail, (East Side of I-17 to Seven Springs) Friday 24th, 2017

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This event is cross-posted from our sister club 4x4 Ham.


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:):):):)Hello and good day to everyone… I am putting a Trail Run together for the 24th of March, it is a Friday… :):):):) It will be Table Mesa Trail (East Side of I-17). Meet up spot (7:30AM) will be just East of I-17, we will air down and have a drivers meeting… Trail start will be 8AM or when everyone is there... We will be going to Seven Springs, then from there going into Carefree for a late lunch/early din-din… Plan on all day as we never know what will come up… Please bring enough snacks/water for all of your party guest in your vehicle… Trail Run frequency will be (Simplex) 147.520. Talk in Frequency will be the Shaw Butte Constellation 147.240, a PL Tone 162.2 & a Plus Offset… I will limit this run to 14 Vehicles. Requirements will be at least 2” lift, 33” tires. There is a play hill that we will stop at so everyone who wants to can take the challenge to pick the trail they want to climb… If you have any questions please text/call at 602.290.3781 or e-mail Harry.




1. Harry - W3CCW 3 guest

2. Steve - KG7DJR
















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