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KevinsOffroad.com Announcement: Forum Discount Code ORP-591

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Ready to save some $$$$ on your project?


Diane, Kristofer, and Kevin (from KevinsOffroad.com) have partnered up to offer an 8% savings coupon code, exclusively for members of Offroad Passport!


On top of the member discount, KevinsOffroad.com gives you 5% back toward your next order.


Here's how it works:

Order #1, you save 8% using coupon code ORP-591 at checkout


Order #2, you are credited 5% of Order #1, AND THEN GET ANOTHER 8% OFF when you use the ORP-591 coupon code again, for a grand total of 13% off.


Order #3 and on...same as Order #2...saving you a TON of money on your build! (and that's ON TOP of the sale price!!!)


Example: WJ Grand Cherokee Rear Bumper with Tire Carrier


Retail price is $1546.00

Sale price is $1305.97


Put in the ORP-591 discount code, and get $104.48 off your total. (8%)


Check out, and then your account will automatically be credited $60.07 in KOR Bucks, to spend on your next order.


Stacking savings is awesome! And, this applies to Roof Racks, Tire Carriers, Steering Box Braces, Winch Bumpers, Rocker Panel Protection and other skid plates, Long Arm kits, and a bunch of other Overlanding gear as well.


We're a local company...we have been in Arizona since Kevin started the company in 1999 in his garage, designing and building 100% of the products by hand, until years later when CNC machines and a "modular approach" to manufacturing, as well as selling other quality manufacturers gear, was put into place. We were already specialists in Grand Cherokees, Cherokees, Wranglers, and Rams...and are now taking on Toyotas as well. Our warehouse is in Glendale, and KOR-manufactured parts CAN be picked up locally.


Some manufacturers only give us 19% resellers discount...so some of these items will literally be sold at our cost to you guys...but, we love Offroad Passport and what they do, and love supporting local clubs...thank you for becoming a member and spending time exploring with the group! I'm looking forward to meeting you on a trail run soon!!


KevinsOffroad.com is where to find us. We're looking forward to helping you out. :-)


-Kevin | KevinsOffroad.com

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This is an amazing deal on some very fine products! Thanks Kevin's Offroad for supporting Offroad Passport and passing on this special deal to our members! Be sure to check it out guys!

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