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needing tents and other equipment, help

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Hello Offroad Passport forum,


AS you guys can see from the title I am needing some camping advice. A few friends and I are planning on getting on our bikes and riding somewhere secluded, in the middle of nowhere and camping for a few nights. We plan on making this something we do often at least a couple times a month so getting it right the first time is important. When I was younger I did a little camping and in all honesty is was just unorganized madness burning food and getting drunk then to our "4 man tents" I think they meant 4 sardines, not men, to pass out. This time round we want it to be an awesome experience.


So where do we start? the first thing I can think of has to be the tent, There are plenty online like this http://www.used.forsale/australia/sydney/tent but we need more info due to bad experiences in the past. would it be better to get a big 6 man tent for 3 people? but then there is carrying it on the bikes which might prove to be a bit of a nightmare. Or, should we get a tent each and carry them singly? What kind of padding would you suggest for a comfortable nights sleep?


Budget: haven't really got one but let's not go too crazy

Bikes: all KTM's 530/750cc


If we start there then move on or this post will just be 1 million and 1 questions. Really looking forward to your replies! if there is any other information just ask and I will add it on!





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some questions that might impact your loads: how many days do you plan to be out? what distances will you travel & do you need to bring all your own fuel or are there stops? what will the weather possibilities be? what storage/packing capabilities do your bikes have (hard or soft saddlebags, tank bags, racks, extended fuel tanks, etc.).


for the tent - it would probably be most efficient to carry a single 6 man tent and split the load of that and all the other gear between everyone... then you have a tent big enough to take turns standing up in to change or wipe down. i personally would rather sacrifice that interior room and have a small "1 man" tent for each person so there is some privacy (if you're out for days, the introverts of your group will want some "away from each other" time).


you also might want to consider: how likely is it that one person could have a mechanical or health issue and not finish the trip but the others would still go on? if that is a possibility then splitting the gear amongst everyone means you'd have to re-pack everything on the remaining bikes in the event someone couldn't continue. also a big tent might not pack well due to longer pole sections.


not sure what brands of tents you're looking at, but Eureka, Big Agnes, MSR, and even Kelty and plenty of others make good lightweight compact backpacking tents that would keep the load to a minimum. maybe some of the people would even be happy with just a simple bivy?


for sleeping pads - i'd get a quality inflatable pad instead of a "self inflating" pad (those are bulky/heavy). don't cheap out on this or you'll be sleeping on the ground when it pops. get an insulated version if it's going to be cool weather at all.


i think the Nemo Cosmo series offers a great compromise between comfort and packability. they roll up tiny and in my personal experience they are very durable. i use the small Thermarest NeoAir Torrent to blow mine up, or there's also the even smaller NeoAir Mini. the Big Agnes Q-Core series is also worth a look if it's easier to get than the Nemo.


whatever you get, make sure it packs as small as possible so you have plenty of room for the liquor! ;)

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