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13 Colonies Special Event Returns July 1-7

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This event is cross-posted from our sister club 4x4 Ham.


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The ninth annual 13 Colonies Special Event will take place July 1-7, with activity starting at 1300 UTC on July 1 and continuing until 0400 on July 7 (the evening of July 6 in US time zones).


Participating stations try to contact all 13 Colony Stations plus two Bonus Stations — a clean sweep, a la ARRL November Sweepstakes. Stations in each of the original 13 colonies will be on the air using 1 × 2 special event call signs. The bonus stations will be WM3PEN in Philadelphia and GB13COL in Durham, England.


Call signs and their respective states are K2A, New York: K2B, Virginia: K2C, Rhode Island: K2D, Connecticut: K2E, Delaware: K2F, Maryland: K2G, Georgia: K2H, Massachusetts: K2I, New Jersey: K2J, North Carolina: K2K, New Hampshire: K2L, South Carolina: K2M, Pennsylvania. Additional information is on the 13 Colonies website.






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