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1/6/2018: 8th Annual Holiday Party Trail BBQ Gift Exc., Cookie Contest, near Scottsdale, AZ EZ-Mod

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1/6/2018: 8th Annual Holiday Party Trail Ride BBQ Gift Exchange Cookie Contest: near Fountain Hills, AZ: 4x4 Easy to Moderate


It's time for Offroad Passport's Annual Holiday party after the Holidays! Join us for a short trail ride and big time fun! There's BBQ'd burgers & dogs and a potluck lunch, the infamous cut-throat white elephant gift exchange, and the annual cookie contest (AND JUDGING - YUM!)! After all the fun and excitement we'll head back the way we went in, probably airing up by mid-afternoon. It's a fun day with your Offroad Passport friends!


Meet up:


9:30 AM
at the
Baja gas station
(Chevron) on Hwy 87 and Fort McDowell Rd:
Map link here...


Note that this is NOT the usual meeting spot at the Shell station, our group is too big to meet there. You may want to get gas at the Shell first though since they are cheaper.


We should be back to Hwy 87 (just a few miles beyond Fountain Hills) by mid afternoon (depends on how many come and how long the gift exchange runs!)


Sign up for the POTLUCK! Offroad Passport will supply Hamburgers and Hotdogs (not the buns). Let us know what you can bring to contribute to the lunch. We'll also need tables, trash bags, etc.


Potluck Sign-up:


Hamburgers and Hotdogs: Offroad Passport

Sliced Cheese: Offroad Passport

Hamburger Buns: johnpa

Hotdog Buns: coyotesfan

Condiments: scottL - Ketchup, Mustard, Relish and ewww Mayonnaise

Sliced Tomatos, Lettuce, Onions: hurricane

Side Dishes:

tater or mac salad - Azoutlaw480

Side Salad - Bradywgn71

Italian sausage and German brats - curbjumper

potato salad - DandE81

broccoli side salad - ladybug

Pasta Salad - snrmullen2000

german potato salad or something, and melon - MzPriss & Cher's Dad


Soft drinks: Curly

Bottled water: Squinko by way of azoutlaw480 :D

Chips & Snacks:



Riddler: homemade salsa and chips


Dessert: stockjeep,

Ice Cream!: CAVU2


Plates: Bradywgn71, gearhead

Plastic Utensils: DGR61, gearhead

Napkins, paper towels, etc.: lofreqjeff, gearhead

Trashbags: lofreqjeff

Tables: lofreqjeff, AZoutlaw480, SlyDawg, theksmith, MzPriss



Enter the Cookie Baking Contest! Bring your homemade cookies in a container with your name on it. The cookie with the most votes wins a Offroad Passport Swag Bag (1 T-shirt, 2 Round Decals & 1 Windshield Banner!)


preview.jpgforsale_decal_example.jpgpreview%2B%25281%2529.jpg forsale_decal_lettering1.jpg


Gift Exchange

  • Bring wrapped gift(s) to participate!
  • $20 suggested limit.
  • No limit on number of gifts per person.

  • 4x4, Expedition, Camping or White Elephant! Have have fun with it but please bring something YOU'D love to win.

  • Take a number for each gift you bring.

  • The highest number goes first by opening any present.

  • The next highest number may steal the first gift or open another one and so on until all the gifts are open.

  • A gift may be stolen no more than 1 time per round, and is completely frozen on its 3rd steal.



Additional Info:


This trip is subject to cancellation or postponement due to rain


CB Channel: 4

Ham Simplex Frequency: 146.460 MHz


No Pets!
With the large group, mingling, food and BBQ grill, this trip is not a suitable place for pets. Please leave your dogs/cats/falcons/etc. at home for this event!



Trail Leaders:

Number 7





kaspily & Bradywgn71 - CAMPING



Ladybug & Ob1Jeeper

johnpa - CAMPING





Lichen - tentative








Blue Dog





Craigger + Guests

snrmullen2000 + Guests

defectivemonk - CAMPING




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Sign us up.

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Sign me up too!

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Oh dear! Guess I'll give this another go!! Please sign us up! We should be in town this year,....(although we did enjoy last year in Belize!) We have some awesome gift exchanges!!

smiles, ladybug

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please add johnpa

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Please add me. Still have my wrapped gift from last year:rolleyes:

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Ho ho Scott! You ready to steal and deal?!

smiles, ladybug

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You know it Karen!

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Hope I can make it....Al

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