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Winnebego's 'Benz-Based 'Revel' Camper Goes Where Normal Campers Can't

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With an extra $135K laying around I bet this would tickle many of our members' fancy:


"When you combine the popularity of tiny houses and glamping, you get modern campers designed to offer adventurers a comfortable home away from home.

Winnebago has just unveiled its new creation, the Mercedes-Benz-based “Revel” camper, which is truly a self-sufficient home on wheels. What makes this camper special is its ability to handle difficult terrain with ease.

The Mercedes-Benz 4 x 4 “Sprinter” serves as the strong platform for the camper van, featuring a powerful four-wheel-drive system paired with a Hill Decent mode and a high/low range. The 3-liter turbo diesel engine produces 325 lb-ft of torque, enough to tackle the most severe inclines."


























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Love those. We considered one of these type vehicles when trying to decide what we wanted. Since we will be living in ours fulltime we went to the big RV. When we are done running around and living in the RV we plan to downsize into something like this or maybe a real nice teardrop trailer. We still want to do our adventures.

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