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BRC: #WhatTheySay, what the other side thinks

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#WhatTheySay. Want to fight back? Click here to learn how and here or here to make it happen.



In support of our Fall Fundraiser we've initiated a #WhatTheySay campaign where we allow environmental and preservationist groups to tell you what they think of you in their own words. You may follow this campaign by searching the hashtag #WhatTheySay on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter platforms or by visiting pages we've created for The Wildlife News (the most viewed and shared post in the history of our Facebook page), The Wilderness Society, the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance, the Wild Earth Guardians and the Center for Biological Diversity.


#WhatTheySay has been highly successful because it ticks people like us off - and rightly so. Our opponents organizations have memberships in the millions and sport sophisticated public relations campaigns which allow them to make money hand over fist - money that they then use to beat us over the head. They have the resources to present an unbalanced message about the management of public lands and to promote, with near impunity, misinformation about OHVers and others they don't like. On our side we have 7000 of us and about a dozen or so strong partner organizations. That's just not going to cut it in the long haul. We must do better.


I recently had a discussion concerning the one-sided nature of the conversation surrounding public lands with an industry partner who lamented "Every time I go to a public meeting about access the other side has attorneys, slick presenters and a lot of intimidating stuff that oozes big money." That might be true, but it doesn't have to be that way. All it takes is you. But, on the other hand, without you these groups will continue to dominate conversations involving the future of recreation on public lands and not to your benefit.


Right now we are (or have very recently been) involved in litigation with several of the groups listed above which makes #WhatTheySay even more poignant. Not only are these groups badmouthing you but they are currently raising money specifically to restrict your access to public lands. That's more than just talk. That's real and right now.


As much as we appreciate all of the likes and shares on social media money does a lot more good. Our legal team doesn't accept likes, shares or emoticons as payment. That takes money - something that we do not have in sufficient abundance. If you have already donated to the current Fundraiser we thank you. But if you have not would you please spend some time with #WhatTheySay then see if you can justify contributing to the Fundraiser?


Also please consider convincing others to join us. If each of you brought in just one new member we'd be a much greater force to be reckoned with. That matters when we take a seat at the table to represent you. Show this to your friends. If they need some additional persuasion just send them to #WhatTheySay and see if that cures their apathy and/or indifference.


We’ve also made a short video that might help. Please support the Fall Fundraiser and donate now.


Thanks for taking the time to read this and for your continued support.


Martin Hackworth,

Executive Director




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