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Ryobi brushless drill & get a tool free sale

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i'm a fan of Ryobi's 18v tools. they may not be considered contractor grade by some but i've never had a single issue with any of mine despite being a pretty aggressive "hobby" user.


when i saw they had a new brushless 18v drill with a promo deal going on, i decided to upgrade my trusty older drill.




my previous one was an original version that came with the old yellow & black NiCad battery packs (i had since upgraded to the Lithium-ion packs). that drill served me well as my main one for years, but it would occasionally just quit if it got hung up trying to drill through thicker metal.


the new brushless variable speed hammer-drill/driver claims to have more torque, a longer run time, a better 1/2" metal chuck, an LED light, is more compact, and it came with the newer 30 minute charger. my first test was drilling 3 holes through a aftermarket skid plate and it powered right through.


the drill alone (no battery/case/charger) is on Amazon under $80 at the moment, but i bought the full kit from Home Depot for $149 and selected Ryobi's newer 18v 1/2" impact wrench as my get-one-free tool. seeing as the impact wrench is $119 alone, i felt this was a good deal (not to mention getting a new battery and faster charger as part of the drill kit).




the impact wrench claims a max of 300 ft-lb of torque had no problem removing one of my typically over-tightened lug nuts from the JK. note that the 1/2/3 speed setting affects torque as well, so i did have to put it on "3" to get the nut off. i also read some reviews stating that it doesn't deliver full power unless you're using one of the larger 4AH Lithium+ battery packs. this should be perfect for small projects when i don't want to start up the big compressor, uncoil the air hose, etc.


new tools are always fun, but i'm confident both of these will become go-to items just like my previous drill.


here's the complete selection of tools you can get one of free if you purchase the brushless drill kit: https://www.homedepot.com/b/Featured-Products-Gift-Center-Tiered-Tool-Offer-Tiered-Tool-Ryobi-Free-Tool/N-5yc1vZcik4?Ns=P_REP_PRC_MODE%7C1


i'm unsure how long this promo is good (maybe all of December)? the nice lady at the Home Depot checkout didn't know what i was talking about, but everything rang up correctly with my impact driver costing $0 once i scanned the drill kit.




one last thumbs up goes to Ryobi's P720 LED work light. i've had this handy little guy for a while. it puts out plenty of light for most late-night wrenchin projects, runs on battery or AC power, and produces less heat than my previous fluorescent tube style shop light.

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Good find Kris. This is definately the time of year to shop for cordless tools.


We are on the same page as far as thoughts about Ryobi and their reputation. The Ryobi tools I have serve the purpose and their 4AH lithium batteries are great IMHO especially when you factor in the Black Friday sale price.


I use the heck out of my work light as well,


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