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Jeep Cherokee Barn Find

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Hint: The dog is pointing towards the fatigued area.:D
Correct you are!


Hahahaha! Yup!
Every time I open a door to the Jeep Gary thinks it's time to go wheelin'

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Trying to maintain my interior as best I can.

Seats look relatively good considering the abuse they've taken over the years. Covers are still decent but my cushion has fatigued on the driver's side. You can tell if you look close.


I am interested in getting my seat recovered. Is your friend lodcated in Wickenburg or Phoenix?


He used to be in Wickenburg, but moved and set up a new shop to Cottonwood about a year ago.


Joe Reese "Complete Upholstery is his shops name. 623-939-3721. Located @ 662 E Hwy 89A (about 1/4 mile past Oxendale Chrysler/Jeep dealersip, when you are headed towards Clarkdale... North side of the hwy).


Finding upholstery guys who both do a good job, and aren't outrageous is always a challenge, but I was lucky to find Joe. I've had him do many things for me over the years including m/cycle seats, my trucks driver seat cushion (foam rebuild/replacement), the dinnette for the the RV, etc.


Rebuilding/replacing the seat cushion bolster foam in your Jeep is an inexpensive and simple job. He did same for my truck about 2 years ago while I wated in about 45 minutes, including the time needed to take the seat out of the truck. IIRC, he charged me like $50.


Mike Smith & I took convertibles up yesterday, for new tops, and the leather driver seat cushions rebuilt & recovered in mine as well.



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At first I was thinking, man when am I ever going to Cottonwood again in the Jeep? Then after reading he could do it while I wait.. for around $50? That is awesome.

Plus I need both seats in my Mustang re-cushioned too. Might be time for a road trip..

I will definitely give Joe a call. Thank you Steve!


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