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What's in your vehicle bug-out/go/emergency bag?

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I have a simple first aid kit in my truck. I really need to start a BOB. Being I have a full size. I'll probably go big. I always have 5 guys in the truck so extra of everything is probably needed. Do you guys recommend buying a first aid kit or piecing it together?

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I like piecing it together, you end up replacing a lot of it every year anyway because of the heat.

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On 5/20/2010 at 3:49 PM, theksmith said:



my jeep bug-out-bag is a combination of true emergency items and items that just can make the difference between a good time and heading home early. whether it's a day trip or a camping trip... forgetting things like sunglasses, extra socks, or sunscreen might not be an emergency, but it can certainly ruin the day. this thing stays in the jeep no matter what so i know i am always ready to head off on an adventure at moments notice.



so i just ran through the pack again to see if i was missing anything and decided to take a picture of the whole thing to share... so what's in my pack?



  1. mid-weight rei fleece jacket with hood
  2. extra pair of shorts, sweat pants, shirt, socks, underwear
  3. adventure medical kits fundamentals kit (first aid pack)
  4. sawyer snake bite kit, primatene mist, and misc other medicines added to the first aid pack
  5. individually packaged emergency water ration packets
  6. individually packaged emergency food rations
  7. (2) adventure medical kits emergency bivys
  8. katadyn water purification tablets
  9. chlor floc military water purification tablets (works with muddy water)
  10. coughlans survival kit in a can (tons of useful stuff in small space)
  11. sunscreen, bug repelant, chapstick (be sure to put in zip lock bags to prevent leakage, especially due to heat in the car which makes things expand and explode sometimes, plus the bag can be used for lots of situations)
  12. emergency rain poncho
  13. mini hand warmers
  14. arizona recreation map
  15. SAS survival guide mini book (as much to keep the mind busy as for actual survival info)
  16. storm proof matches
  17. petzl e+light (headlamp)
  18. metal trowel
  19. sunglasses
  20. glow sticks
  21. compass
  22. wire saw
  23. toilet paper
  24. multi-tool
  25. bucklite max large (decent size and quality fixed blade knife with solid tang and gut hook)
  26. nalgene bottle
  27. 50' parachute cord style rope
  28. fenix e20 flashlight (not pictured)
  29. pro bar food bars (not pictured)
  30. an unread jeep magazine (not pictured)




realized i need to get still



  1. quickclot
  2. extra lithium AA batteries
  3. cigarette lighter
  4. flat-pack duct tape




the bag i put it all in is the tacops modular 1.5 day pack. here it is all full, a little bulky, but again this isn't meant to be a pure survival-only kit:





so let's see your setup, i'm sure everyone has some great ideas on other items to carry!

Pretty close to mine, but I tend to carry a little more Ammo, Magazines, 6 quickClot, 3 TQ kits, and 6 of the obligatory Single dose Narcan nose spray. 

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