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A "gotcha" with tablets in vehicles!

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besides knowing for sure what type of GPS capabilities a tablet has before buying one for vehicle use, here's another possible issue to consider...


i purchased a new Asus tablet recently, but before that i actually got a refurbished LG G Pad X. the X would have a been a great upgrade for my original G Pad, but i couldn't use it in portrait mode and wear polarized sunglasses...


i tried 3 different brands of polarized sunglasses, and they all resulted in a completely black screen if you turned the G Pad X vertical while wearing them:






my original G Pad was the opposite, and not as dramatic - the screen on it gets about 50% darker when oriented horizontally. so there's no standard orientation for the internal polarizers used in these screens, even with the same manufacturer.


the new Asus Z8s doesn't have this problem since it uses an IPS screen instead of the older LCD/TFT technology. i would guess that AMOLED screens are also free of this problem.


just something to consider if you wear polarized sunglasses and are buying a tablet for vehicle use!

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Interesting. I always wear polarized shades. Now, when I get home ill check to see what happens with my iphone!

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