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So we forgot that we had to buy shorter shocks to go with how the shock mounts on the new rear axle were placed.  We ordered stock length Bilstein shocks.  Hopefully those will fit and allow us some rear flex.   So waiting impatiently on these to arrive. Here are some pictures of Woody Jeep playing this year.


Copperopolis Trip early 2021



Around Lake Pleasant


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So in April our transmission started slipping when we were climbing up from the Colorado River to Peach Springs.  We changed two sensors and it slightly helped but it was clear that second gear got toasted. So we thought we were being smart and thrifty and got a transmission from a salvage company shipped to a shop near us.  The shop put this in only to find out the transmission was worse than what we have and now the Jeep wasn't driveable!!  We did get a refund for the transmission but we're out the freight shipping costs. We continued saving up money and gathered quotes for a transmission rebuild and compared this to just buying a used XJ that was compatible.  Needless to say two months went by. Quotes were as high ask 5k for a vehicle not worth that!!  We found out that used XJs are insanely priced right now and couldn't find the right deal. In the end Chris found Martin's Performance Transmission Repair in Prescott Valley. They had to order parts but got the work done quickly once the parts arrived and the quote never raised. The owner of the shop was a super nice and knowledgeable guy. Out damage was $2300 to the budget but way better than the average of 4k to 5k  quoted around this area and in Phoenix. So far she is driving great and has a year warranty. Fingers crossed we get another 200K miles on this transmission.

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