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Trim clips etc.

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In order to repair the window on my wife’s Dodge van I had to remove the door trim panel. I’ve removed hundreds of various panels during my career and still managed to break 5 of the trim panel retainers.


A local dearship quoted me $6.55 each! for the retainers. :eek:


On this site I found the needed retainers at a cost of $8.51 for 25 with $5.50 shipping. I ordered a couple other things so the shipping was very acceptable.



I’m sure this site isn’t news to many, and probably Kris or someone else has posted this exact link or something very similar but I thought it was worth repeating.


The easiest way to find the exact retainer I needed was to search for it by part number but you can also search by the part dimensions.

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Good info, thanks for posting. We sure go through our share of trim clips around here!

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