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New front LCA's - Total Chaos TCF 86500-R

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These are nicely built if anyone is interested in LCA's for some 4x4 IFS vehicles.


Installed 2/19/2018.


Alignment #2 (Caster correct only) to - Driver - +4.67 & Passenger - +5.0. (2/21/18).


My current: ICON Suspension (9/16/15)







Upgrade to the front suspension because of my heavy ARB bumper and Warn M8000 w/ steel line (12/23/15).

IVD-15808 - 700 lbs. coil springs.


Replaced the Toyota OEM rear links to a custom built pivot offset by Metal-tech MT-GSJ-4025. (2/6/14).

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Googled them just now.. those LCA's look beefy! Got any pics of them installed on your ride?


My son has Total Chaos upper a arms & Icon coilovers on his '05 Prerunner. The truck drives real nice on the street.

Haven't tried taking it off road yet though.

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