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President Johnny III USA CB

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As some of you might know, I was quite unhappy with my Cobra 75WX ST CB radio: the reception quality was very bad no matter what antenna I had (5', 4', 3'), plus I really, really hated that it kept returning to channel 9 whenever I stoped the engine. Oh, and the LCD screen is so tinny that I needed my glasses to read it.


So I've replaced it with a President Johnny III USA CB. The quality difference between the two is night and day. On the last ORP trip I had both the HAM and the CB on, and I couldn't tell which one was which. I had to keep an eye on the HAM's VU-meter to figure out which was which. And this is with a 2' CB antenna.


The thing I liked about the Cobra was its minimal size. But the President is not bad either: I have it sandwiched between the passenger's seat and the cup holder console. Perfect fit, close to see, and control.


The auto-squelch works absolutely amazingly. As I said: HAM sound quality!


- Weather Alert - can do background scans of NOAA channels.

- Manual squelch and ASC

- Large Multi-functions LCD display

- S-meter

- ANL filter and HI-CUT

- RF Gain

- Scan

- Priority channel memory

- Roger Beep

- Front microphone plug - perfect for using it with a JeepUniq mic mount!


Downsides: a bit more expensive than comparative size CBs, but that's not apple to apple comparison this is a fully featured CB (it only lacks sideband to be considered top-of-the-line).


If you are curious to learn more: https://president-electronics.us/CB-Radios/AM-transceivers/JOHNNY-III-ASC

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This radio does look interesting. I replaced the same Cobra unit in the last few months, because performance was getting worse, and after 15+ years, the wire jacket for the power cable and the mic cable were cracking and falling off. The replacement radio is a Uniden Pro 520 XL. It has an external speaker on the bottom. Performance so far has been very good.



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The Uniden Pro 520 and the 510 were also on my short list. They are quite highly rated. I just lusted for more features I guess. The Johnny is about the same size, and also has a built in speaker - however I use it with the same small external speaker that I used with the Cobra.

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Dan, thanks for this timely post...


my Cobra 75WXST began having issues on Saturday about the time we got to Swansea. it worked again Sunday, but now seems to have decided to stay dead! i actually didn't have any complaints about the Cobra till now, other than it's a bit ugly ;)


however, your post got me looking into what else had become available for remote/hidden mounting and i ran across the fairly new Uniden CMX560 and CMX760.





according to the internets, the 560 is actually made by President and is sold in other countries (with some slight variations) as the President William. i'm don't know if the 760 is also made by them or what the Uniden/President business relationship really is.





anyway, i decided to try my luck with the CMX760 instead of buying another Cobra - ordered for $129 on walmart.com last night. i must have just been lucky as it seems to have gone up quite a bit everywhere today!


the CMX560 is currently only $93 on Amazon - though it does lack a few of the 760's nicities, notably NOAA weather reception.

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You are the second person I heard in the last few day that's going with the CMX760. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

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