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Possible BLM closures in Bouse/Parker area

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Wow, this is sad, I just looked at the BLM propsal for road closures in the Bouse area. Some sections will be entirely off limits/unaccessable. AND....Only 2 weeks left to comment on the proposal. There is a lot of unexplored area out there. If you care about this, please comment to BLM about this.




Map ( no road numbers, makes it hard to see which road they are closing.)




BLM email comment address: blm_az_lhfo_tmp_comment@blm.gov



Outdoor Recreation Planner’s email- ckilbane@blm.gov


BLM AZ’s facebook- https://www.facebook.com/BLMArizona


BLM AZ’s twitter- https://twitter.com/BLMArizona

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I am a resident of this area, here is how I replied to the BLM:


I pay so much in tax dollars that I have a real problem with morons who

couldn't generate the slightest amount of true prosperity intend to confiscate

our freedom (I'm referring to BLM employees) to enjoy the outdoors where we want

to the way we want to.


I'm talking about people like BLM employees who make ridiculous choices to

close, close, close. The reasons are simply laziness, they close these areas

in the hope that they will never have to do any serious work related to them

and that closing is easy. Everything else they do is hard.


If the BLM wants to be lazy, there is a real opportunity here with people

like me who pay huge tax dollars. I could care less if these mindless morons

sat all day at their desk doing nothing as long as they don't close more stuff.

That would give me the value I want for my tax dollars.


And this effort to close things shows how out of touch the BLM is with recreationists

in the Bouse area. The recreationists are all people with money, note the popularity of vehicular

recreation. I think there might be one or two long haired granola eating enviroweenies

out there, maybe even a rich one or two. But I think it is obvious what type of people

contribute to the economies of the communities in that area: people who like to recreate

with motor vehicles.


Having seen, been on, and driven many of these obscure roads targeted for closure I

can assure anyone who cares that there is no good reason for their closure other than

the laziness and thoughtlessness on the part of the BLM (maybe I stumbled on the problem

there, BLM and thought is an oxymoron, or at least a moron).

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From the March 1980 Four Wheeler magazine "NOC/BLM Showdown" by Richard H. Johnson:


"Frustration!!! Every time someone asks the kind of question that I think will really pin them down, the pull off the Houdini trick of the year, and wrap their escape in so many words that by the time they finish their explanation, the audience has forgotten the original issue and question. But in a way, I felt sorry for the poor BLM guys. If they were to be honest and aboveboard in their answers, they would lose their jobs. And, since it's doubtful that they could perform meaningful labor in the civilian world, they would probably end up on the welfare roles. It's a dilemma that I wouldn't be able to handle. That's why I'm not a government worker, I guess"


Richard Johnson's highly successful and profitable career as an off-road writer continued for years. Meanwhile, the BLM employees made negative contributions to public wealth in a myriad of ways.

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I've tried looking at those maps and get cross-eyed trying to figure out which is which... :(


That said... In general it appears they are attempting to close the myriad of "short-cuts" to the trail systems in the area. If you've been in the area, particularly South and West of Bouse, towards Q-site, the growth/proliferation of "new" paths in the past 10 years, which are 15-20 to either side of the original paths is mind-boggling, and sickening to witness... :(

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Been in the area?


I live there. Two ranches in fact.


I'd appreciate it if the BLM would just go fornicate themselves,


I can't believe that even four wheelers are buying into the touchy feely

gotta protect it nonsense propaganda that has been vomited for



If you don't like it then go back to your city tract house and stay busy campaigning to build your

off-road urban "leave no trace" "treading lightly" amusement park areas.

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