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How To: fixing Jeep Wrangler JK flickering LED headlights (without a PWM adapter/harness)

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It's a well known problem that a lot of aftermarket LED headlights flicker when installed on some JK's.




Top-end headlights like the JW Speaker 8700 Model J2 have built-in electronics (smoothing capacitors) to prevent this, but many others require you to install a separate "anti-flicker harness" inline with each light.


I ran across a discussion on the AEV forum explaining how a simple software flash from your local Jeep dealer solves the problem without the need for extra electronics...


According to user "redrockjk":

The official OEM fix for headlight flicker is adding "quad beam" LED lights option code to your vin VIA "add sales code" in dealer connect.


He even details step-by-step what the advisor/tech needs to do: https://forum.aev-conversions.com/forum/all-aev-products/jk-parts-discussion-2007-jeep-wrangler/11659-2017-jk-led-headlights-swappable?p=161855#post161855


There's also mention from another use of the exact software flash (5SX) likely happening behind the scenes when this sales-code is added, which might be useful info for anyone with a non-OEM programmer.


It sounds like this little update doesn't correct flickering LED fog lights though, for that I guess most will still need an anti-flicker module.

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