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Wickenburg BLM Meeting

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Please come out Dec 4th for a meeting about the proposed OHV park in Wickenburg.


A public open house-style meeting will be from 6-8 p.m. on Dec. 4, at the Wickenburg Community Center, located at 160 N. Valentine St., in Wickenburg. The meeting will include presentations by the BLM and Maricopa County.


A 30-day public review period will also run from Nov. 20 until Dec. 19.



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thanks for posting this guys!


to clarify, it's not an OHV park - it's a multi-use park and primarily a campground that's being proposed. i seriously doubt motorized trails will ever get the same focus that hiking and day use areas get. IMO, typical OHV users won't benefit from this at all.


immediate impacts to us are a change to at least one motorized route (close an existing trail and re-route it) and a new $7 day use fee to access the area. the only "improvement" i see directed at OHV users is a new dedicated OHV staging area. it looks to me like the requested land to be leased is setup in a location that crosses Vulture Mine road to effectively gate off the entire area past this new complex.


you can see plan details here ("Appendix B" is the meat of it):


i'm not opposed to paying to access trails - it does help keep some of the yahoos and trash out. i just don't see them using any of that money to really benefit the OHV community. maybe if there was as stipulation that a portion of the collected money had to be used to directly benefit the OHV community...


Maricopa County Parks and Recreation Department are the ones behind all this. they would be the lease holders and owners of the new park. the only reason the BLM would deny their request would be if it can be shown to not be in the best public interest - which means if you don't support this you have to make a specific comment and/or show up at the meetings and make your voice heard!


Written comments may be mailed to Realty Specialist Tyler Lindsey at the Hassayampa Field Office, 21605 N. 7th Ave., Phoenix, Arizona 85027, faxed to (623) 580-5580, or emailed to

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