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2019 suv of the year: Which 4x4 wins our on- and off-road battle?

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Four Wheeler Magazine has announced the winner for 2019 - guess which SUV won? :cool:




When you go to purchase a new SUV, you likely look at the price and the specifications. You might even get a short testdrive from the dealer. If you are buying an SUV you plan to take off-road though, this doesn’t cut it. That’s where we come in. For 46 years we have been testing 4x4 SUVs in extreme conditions, and the 2019 SUV of the Year (SUVOTY) competition carried on that tradition. It covered five days and consisted of approximately 1,000 miles on- and off-road. The test included steep, loose hillclimbs; sand dunes; fast two-tracks; rough dirt roads; rocky trails; water crossings; and slippery snow-covered roads and trails. We test the vehicles in almost every way imaginable and pass our impressions on to you, so you can factor the information into your buying decision. But new-vehicle shoppers aren’t the only ones who are interested in our test; the manufacturers covet our SUVOTY award and realize that it gives their vehicles huge street cred (or dirt cred, in this case). And, of course, the findings from SUVOTY are great info for those who like to keep up on what’s new in the 4x4 SUV world.


My favrorite sentence from the article: "If you have the disposable income to buy the best of the best and want something to drive to your airplane hangar, even when it is snowing out or there are sand dunes and long stretches of rough trail in the way, the Range Rover P400e is for you." :D


Read more link to the article: Four Wheeler

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