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Death Valley Land Ops - March 30 Weekend

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This event is cross-posted from our sister club 4x4 Ham.


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I am planning to head up to Death Valley with Land Ops folks later this month. They are planning an op in the Coso Range of Death Valley, near Panamint Springs. They are going to run a desert navigation - communication exercise on Saturday March 30. They plan to stay in the area exploring for a couple days after the op. I am thinking of making a long weekend of it and head up on Thursday, 3/28 with a planned return on Tuesday 4/2.


With all the rain this year, they are predicting another super bloom in Death Valley. I went a couple years ago and the scenery was pretty incredible. For anyone interested in visiting Death Valley this spring, this is a great opportunity to explore with a group that knows the terrain and enjoys mixing ham radio with off roading to help sharpen desert navigation skills.


If interested, hit me up and we can try to get a small group together to head up from AZ.




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