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Show Low Mule Deer - Bear Story!

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My wife, pups and I went for a hike near Pinedale this morning. It was so perfect out today! High was about 70, slightly breezy. Sun was warm!


We started out seeing animals right away. We saw a bunch of Mule deer on the trail to the trailhead.


On our way back we had a bear encounter!


My wife had fallen and bruised her knee a little. So we stopped and gave her a moment. Then as we picked up down the trail again, no less than 10 yards later my dogs growled harshly. I looked up to see a huge Bear running across the trail about 25 yards in front of us!


The dogs went crazy but I maintained a good grip on the leashes. The bear took off down and then up the next ridge.

Happened so fast!


Ive never seen a wild bear before, so that was crazy. I was packing but still, it could have gotten bad real quick at that distance.


Bear was probably about 400-500 pounds. A pretty big one.


As we got back to the jeep I looked at the map closer and we were parked by Bear Tank and hiking in Bear Canyon, go figure!


33682894658_2d7399e3ca_h.jpg_DSC0305.NEF by Jason Montes, on Flickr


33682894768_111d813a23_h.jpg_DSC0306.NEF by Jason Montes, on Flickr


33682894828_d248cce61c_h.jpg_DSC0309.NEF by Jason Montes, on Flickr


33682894848_27b526442a_h.jpg_DSC0314.NEF by Jason Montes, on Flickr

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Holy crap! Glad everything turned out good!

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Cool beans... Glad to hear there was no "Encounter of the back kind." ;)

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