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Sand Hollow Trails - Information, Ideas, Discussion

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We are up for most anything. We may be bringing the XJ as our WJ is STILL being worked on. However we got her a new lift (4.5), disconnects, 33s tires, bumpers and armor so that should help. We can always play tourist or ride with someone if you run something too tough for our old girl!


I also found the following trail possibility. Let me know if the links don't work:


The Barracks Trail:

Rated Moderate with multiple river crossings





I'll keep looking for more but really we are up for anything. Just happy to be wheeling with ya!

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Thanks for posting video links Diane!! Trails I wanna do, in order:

Double Sammy:



John's Trail


Milt's Mile


Sliplock Gulch


Toquerville Falls and the trail to toquerville falls if they're one in the same.. looks cool and i'll bring my swim trunks!


Other trails I like:


West Rim Trail


Maze trail


I prefer not running trails longer than 50miles. We will be driving far enough just to get to Sand Hollow.

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Double Sammy

In a kj

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Looks like there are some dinosaur tracks located just north of Quail Creek Ste park. They are located off the Silver Reef Trail within the BLM Red Cliffs Recreation Area. Not sure of the hours at this rec area but wanted to share.





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D's choice of the West Rim Trail for our first day should be a great moderate introduction to the Sand Hollow area. it looks like there are a few spots that will wake everyone up!



i think most of us want to do the easy/moderate Toquerville Falls, might be a good relaxing day 2 run.


it looks like you can make it into a loop after you cross the falls depending on the current water depth (as you need to criss-cross the river a few times). i'd like to try and do that - in fact i'm pretty sure the video Scott posted is coming into the falls through the loop part i'm talking about, but in reverse.



the Barracks Trail would be my next must-do for easy to moderate trails. it looks to have several creek crossings, highly varied terrain including sand and slickrock, as well as higher elevation (6,600ft) stuff with small trees and nice views. it's rated 4 out of 10 for difficulty, takes 5.5 hrs total trail time, and the trailhead is 45 miles (1 hour) from La Verkin.




Backdoor to Babylon looks like it might be a good easier trail too - UPLA only rates it a 3 out of 10 for difficulty but it still seems to have some decent wheeling.




as far as the more moderate to difficult Sand Hollow area trails, i'm not sure - maybe Sliplock Gulch. it has the same requirements listed as our first day's West Rim Trail, but this video makes it look a little rougher than i might be down for.


EDIT: after watching it a 2nd time, i think that guy might just be attacking the trail with too much skinny pedal.

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I think it will be easier to decide which trails inside the OHV we're suited to once we get a taste of it Tuesday.


I agree that Toquerville Falls and Babylon are musts. Barracks trail looks interesting too; I thought it was farther away, so cool that it's closer.


I found a couple more trails that I had K add to the map. Gooseberry Pass and Grafton is a super easy, very scenic drive that includes the ghost town of Grafton. Goes along the Virgin River, starting out very close to La Verkin. Here's more than you probably need to know:

https://dixie4wheeldrive.com/gooseberry_mesa_ghost_town_grafton and a long video:



I also found a 3 rated trail called Cottonwood Canyon I also had K add to our shared map. I can't find any pics or videos on it, but the trip report shows some kind of old homestead, a coke kiln and super scenery. I had seen some pictures the St. George Jeepers posted that showed them having lunch next to a river. https://utahpla.com/TRIP%20Reports/St%20George/Cottonwood%20Canyon.pdf

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