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Morris 4x4 Sucks Again

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We needed a front output yoke for a 231 transfer case. After looking at all the available vendors online, Morris 4x4 was the only one that had the output yoke that included a dust sheild. George wanted the dust sheild too, so (with reservations on my part because of past bad experiences with them) we ordered it from Morris 4x4.


The part arrived without the dust shield. George called them and they a.) updated the image on their web site, and b.) authorized the return.


But when the refund came through it was $11.99 short because they don't refund shipping:


Good morning, According to our company policy we only pay for the shipping on a return however we cannot refund you for the cost of the shipping as stated on our website.


So I said:


Morning, I appreciate your company policy, but I recieved an item that was falsely advertised on your website, and I want to be made whole. I wouldn't have ordered it from you if it weren't for the photo of the part showing a dust shield. The part didn't have a dust shield when I got it. The photo on your site has been updated, because I called, but when I ordered, the picture was wrong. I didn't make a mistake ordering it, you made a mistake describing it. You owe me the shipping cost.


Their final answer:


Good Afternoon, Again I do Apologize for the misleading information that may have been on our website. We cannot refund you the amount for shipping. We Have paid for the label for you to send the part back however we cannot cover the cost of your shipping on the item. Please be advised.


Even though it's only $11.99, which is a super high shipping cost anyhow, it's the principle of the matter that counts. It isn't my fault their web site showed the wrong image, but they don't see it that way. They absolutely will not make this right with me.


Buyer beware of Morris 4x4!

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