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Team plans jeep expedition across australia

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When we went to Sierra Trek in 2016, Chris Collard was our host. He and I have been face book friends ever since, and recently he created a new face book group following this expedition. So I've been watching them get prepared for this expedidition and anticipating the day they emark upon their journey. They're replicating the excursion of the team who made the first vehicular crossing of Australia. Here's an article about their upcoming journey:


Link to article: Four Wheeler Magazine




A team of journalists will embark on a 3,106-mile coast-to-coast Jeep expedition in Australia next month. The purpose of the trip is to retrace Ian McDonald's 1969 route across the Simpson Desert. McDonald and his friends were the first group of people to cross the entire Australian continent by vehicle. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the expedition.


The expedition will kick off on July 4, with our very own Rick Pewe in the group. He will be joined by Chris Collard, Sue Mead, and Ben Davidson. Original team members Ian McDonald and John Eggleston will also be part of the expedition. The team will drive Jeeps from different eras—a Wrangler TJ, Jeep JK, and 2019 Jeep JL. All are currently being outfitted with the necessary equipment to make the trek happen.






The team will start near Byron Bay in New South Wales, which is the most easterly point on the continent. From there they will head through the Outback areas of Birdsville and Alice Springs and eventually end up in the Simpson Desert, which hosts some of the largest north-south-facing dunes in the world. The dunes have been closed to the public for decades, but the team worked closely with governing agencies to get a special pass for the expedition. The journey will end in Steep Point, the most westerly spot on the continent.

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Interesting Diane. Thanks for posting.


I love the old black and white photos. The Rokon 2wd bike in photo two is sweet!


Also, check out the photographers’s chair mounted to the left front on the vehicle that you can see in the first two pics.

Maybe George could fabricate one up for you to use on Clifford?:eek:

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