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Bottle Jack Kit Improvements

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Back in October of 2014 I started this thread about a kit of adaptors I made in order to make a standard bottle jack safer and more versatile.



This is a shot of my original kit.




Since the original thread I’ve used this kit as a “second hand”  for a lot of things around my shop.









Like many tools, the longer you use them, the more ways you can think to improve them.


My first change was to add a recess and a hold down bolt in my original baseboard.  Obviously this makes using the jack a bit more stable.



But the really big improvement was the addition of a plastic collar that installs around the threaded post that screws out of the jack ram.

This part is sold by SafeJack.  They are the company from which I unashamedly “reverse engineered” my original kit.




This collar, IMO,  is essential when using my kit horizontally and also makes things easier when used vertically.

The collar is the black piece that can be seen in this picture.



In the picture above, using the collar, I have less than 1/8” droop when measured from the two collars to the steel rule that’s clamped parallel to the jack cylinder.


I made my adaptors with approx. .005” clearance between the post and socket and used about 1 1/8” overlap.  This was fine for the pieces I made but the 1 1/4” ID of my socket was a bit loose on the jack ram and would have waaaay more droop when used to push or spread horizontally.

The SafeJack collar takes care of this issue.  


It’s too hot in the garage, so I thought I’d update things a bit.  This post was also also an experiment to try out the new site.


Posting pictures is waaaay easier. 👍





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LOVE it Jim...  Thanks for the tips ;)


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