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10th Annual Offroad Passport Event Pictures

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Well, our annual event has come and gone, and it was a blast! For the first time we held it at a place other than the Cinders, which resulted in equally cool weather and beautiful scenery. 


People began to gather Thursday evening (thanks, all you early people who claimed our spot!), so by the time George and I arrived on Friday, most of the gang was already there. We set up camp near the edge of the cliff with spectacular views. 


Saturday morning George lead a hike to an abandoned railroad tunnel (the only photos we took!). 




It rained Saturday, and many of us waited it out under easy-ups playing games. After the hikers returned and the rain stopped, we got the salsa contest and the games going. We set up the Navigator Game course over a bit of rough terrain and between some trees for extra interest. ;)  


The winners of the salsa contest this year were 4x4tographer (Ryan) and Ghostrider (Warren). Thank you everybody who entered your delicious salsas! It was a tough choice!  Lots of teams played the Navigator Game, and Bradywgn71 (Chris & Sarah) won! We're pretty sure they've been practicing at home, because being blindfolded looked like second nature to Chris.


We played the Offroad Passport Trivia game later, around the campfire. Bradywgn71 (Chris) won by a landslide, because he knew more answers than anybody. (I promise to make the questions easier if we do it again!)


Huge thanks to everybody who came and spent the weekend relaxing and playing with us! It was such a pleasure getting to know some new friends and getting caught up with long-time friends.

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LOL....no blindfold practice for Chris but that is funny!  Maybe he is just got at listening to me be bossy!!


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