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"Oki": 4x4tographer's 2018 Jeep JLUR

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34 minutes ago, 4x4tographer said:


I have - and while I really like the AAL solution, for that money I could get 4 new skinny fenders. :D 

AAL is def on my list though.


they are definitely proud of them! i do like that it keeps your color-matched flares and their thin lights look really slick. i also read that with a little DIY work, you can re-use your inner liners with their solution.






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1 hour ago, 4x4tographer said:

Looks like they have them for the JK too, sans-led light strip. $250 for 4 is pretty darn cheap!




yeah, showed those to Brady a while back but for some reason he doesn't like the "shiny", as he put it.

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41,765 miles - Got OKI back from dealer service today to have a few things looked at under warranty.


  • Replaced drivers side visor with one that isn't broken. The swing arm is metal, but the connector to mate it to the Jeep is plastic and broke. Def a weak point.
  • New AUX battery - it was toast and had caused the ESS function to be disabled since it croaked about 6-8 months ago. Fortunately the Jeep is smart enough to disconnect the AUX from the main (normally they're in parallel) to prevent the AUX from sapping away the life of the main battery.
  • New MAIN battery (it was on it's last legs)
  • Rear Locker Position Sensor - They were unable to replicate the issue (naturally) and sent me on my way. 


Warranty covered everything but the AUX battery which is a colossal PITA to replace, based on its location. I'm happy to pay someone to do that job. Below is the "easy way" to do it. 


In the future, I'd like to delete the AUX and go with a dual battery set up with a Genesis battery tray or something similar (and not $600).



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Some photos of the Jeep from this weekend's exploring:





Thanks to @johnpa for this shot!


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Theres something positive to be said on mud's behalf. It sure does make it easy to see how much up-travel you have left on your shocks. :D


I've got about 1 3/4" of unused stroke available on the rears. The zip-ties were a nifty idea by @theksmith when he helped me install the suspension earlier this year to help mark your max up-travel with your bump stops. I've never messed with the zip tie since it was added. The mud marks and zippies are in alignment in terms of measurement - and I know I've absolutely bottomed out several times over the last 6 months.


Rear driver:



Rear passenger:




Clayton Offroad's Overland+ 2.5" lift kit ships with 3" bumps for the rear which are metal (and of course, unadjustable). Planning to pick up a few of Metalcloak's 1" adjustable pucks to see if we can't get a little extra out of the up-travel. Going to a 2" bump will probably get me pretty close with a bit of a safety buffer.



Rear bump from Clayton:




Gratuitous Flex-Shot:


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