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"Oki": 4x4tographer's 2018 Jeep JLUR

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7 minutes ago, theksmith said:

how will you remove the tank once you have a hard-top? ;)

Hahaha! Good eye!


Whenever I snag a hardtop, I’ll be able to flip the tank from “outboard” to “inboard”. All the soft top mechanics are currently in the way 😁

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Posted (edited)

Had a great time out on Terminator with the crew this past weekend. Some nice challenging lines, awesome people, and great times!





Quick little mod a few weeks back - changed out my ditch lights from BlackOak LED scene lights to some nice yellow SSc1 pods from Diode Dynamics. 




The BlackOaks weren't sealed very well, leaking every time they got wet, and had started its own little terrarium world of water and mold inside of the housing. 🤢 


The new SSc1's match the color/tone of the Diode Dynamic pro series fog lamps I already have. I've really come to love the yellow colored lights as they seem to help relieve some of the eye strain I have when running them at night. 





I also took some time to tear apart the center console to track down an issue I was having with the emergency brake. More often than not, I was receiving a loud "popping" noise when cranking down the brake handle. 


Overall, it was a pretty simple job to remove the console, with just 4 bolts and the shift boots to remove. I was more than a little shocked how nasty it was in there, including pine needles from my many trips to Northern AZ. 




I don't know the technical term for it, but the adjuster bracket that connects to both rear brake lines was extremely loose (here's a video). A few cranks with a 10mm wrench and we were back in business. 



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67,200 miles


Took the Jeep to visit our good friend Joe over at @OnPointOffroad. Looking forward to towards the Rubicon and Hole-in-the-Rock trips, was looking to get a few things taken care of. 


Joe and Vince took care of a leaking oil cooler, replaced spark plugs, and did the pulleys and serpentine belt. They even power washed the engine bay!





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  • You are very welcome sir! Typically,  we wash every 3.6 prior to removing the upper intake or lower. As we all love our Jeeps, the 3.6 tends to store dust and dirt in strange places. So, to avoid any internal contamination, its best to clean them first!






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