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1/4/2020: 10th Annual Holiday Party Trail Ride BBQ Gift Exchange Cookie Contest: near Carefree, AZ

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1/4/2020: 10th Annual Holiday Party Trail Ride BBQ Gift Exchange Cookie Contest: near Carefree, AZ: 4x4 Easy


Hey everyone!!! Please note that due to recent rainy weather and local flooding, the location for this year's holiday party has changed!!


It's time for Offroad Passport's Annual Holiday party after the Holidays! Join us for a short trail ride and big time fun! There's BBQ'd burgers & dogs and a potluck lunch, the infamous cut-throat white elephant gift exchange, and the annual cookie contest (AND JUDGING - YUM!)! After all the fun and excitement we'll head back the way we went in, probably airing up by mid-afternoon. It's a fun day with your Offroad Passport friends!



9:30 AM at the Shell gas station on Dynamite Road & Alma School Rd: Map link here...

Note: You may want to get gas at a different place first though since that Shell is SO 'spencive!


Sign up for the POTLUCK! Offroad Passport supplies Hamburgers and Hotdogs (not the buns). Let us know what you can bring to contribute to the lunch. We'll also need tables, trash bags, etc.


Potluck Sign-up:

NOTE: There is no 'Desserts' category since the Cookie Baking Contest covers that.


Hamburgers & Hotdogs: The Offroad Passport Team


Charcoal & Lighter Fluid: The Offroad Passport Team


Hamburger & Hotdog Buns Est. 5 pkg. Hamburger & 5 pkg Hotdog TOTAL:

1.  Mynr1 - 3 pkg Hamburger

2.  4x4tographer - 2 pkg Hamburger, 2 pkg hotdog

3. shellback91 - 3 pkg hotdog


Condiments (Ketchup, mustard, relish, mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, etc.)

1.  ketchup, mayo, mustard - Bradywgn71

2. Lettuce - shellback91

3. telkrin - bacon, onions, tomatoes and green chilis for bugers!


Cheese for the Hamburgers:

1. Slydawg

2. johnpa



  1. cole slaw - Bradywgn71
  2. Side dish - Ob1Jeeper
  3. Side Dish - MzPriss & Cher's Dad
  4. macaroni salad - DandE81
  5. potato salad - 4x4tographer
  6. pasta salad - snrmullen2000



Chips, etc.:

1. chips and salsa - Riddler 

2. Chips & Snacky stuff - lofreqjeff


Soft Drinks:

1. scottL - and assortment of SODA

2. Finally4Wheelin - soda

3. Spurz



1. Mynr1


Paper Plates, Plastic Cutlery, Napkins, etc.:

1.  Klaykrusher


Bottled Water:

1. Curly


Trash Bags:

1.  KC4X4

2.  lofreqjeff - collapsible trash bins and take out all trash as usual! ;)



1. Curly

2. 4x4tographer + popup shelter

3. KC4X4

4. lofreqjeff 1 or 2

5. Riddler



Enter the Cookie Baking Contest! Bring your homemade cookies in a container with your name on it. The cookie with the most votes wins some Offroad Passport Swag (1 T-shirt & 2 Round Decals!)




Gift Exchange

  • Bring wrapped gift(s) to participate!
  • $20 suggested limit.
  • No limit on number of gifts per person.

  • 4x4, Expedition, Camping or White Elephant! Have fun with it but please bring something YOU'D love to win.

  • Take a number for each gift you bring.

  • The highest number goes first by opening any present.

  • The next highest number may steal the first gift or open another one and so on until all the gifts are open.

  • A gift may be stolen no more than 1 time per round, and is completely frozen on its 3rd steal.


Additional Info:

This trip is subject to cancellation or postponement due to rain

CB Channel: 4

Ham Simplex Frequency: 146.460 MHz

No Pets! With the large group, mingling, food and BBQ grill, this trip is not a suitable place for pets. Please leave your dogs/cats/falcons/etc. at home for this event!


Post a reply in this thread saying you'd like to go and we'll put you on the roster!


Holiday Party Special!!

Color Shirts: $15, White Shirts $10 (+ $2 for XXL or XXXL)

Hats: Dark Gray Digi $20 Camo - $15


Since the cookie contest winner gets to pick out a shirt, we're bringing all of them. Let me know if you want to buy some ORP swag!



Photo credit: Sarah aka kaspily. :)




  1. @Number7 & @dzJeepChic
  2. @theksmith
  3. @Bradywgn71 & @kaspily
  4. @johnpa
  5. @SlyDawg
  6. @Curly
  7. @ob1jeeper & @Ladybug
  8. @telkrin
  9. @shellback91 
  10. @mynr1
  11. @4x4tographer
  12. @KC4X4
  13. @lofreqjeff
  14. @Riddler
  15. @MzPriss 
  16. @GRUNT
  17. @scottL
  18. @DandE81
  19. @Finally4wheelin
  20. @snrmullen2000
  21. @Spurz




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Sign us up.  We will bring ketchup, mayo, mustard and a side dish.

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Please put me down for this, I will bring cheese for the burgers.

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Please put me down. I will bring cheese for burgers

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Put us down. We will bring the water.  We will also bring a table.


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Sign us up for a side dish & we will bring a table as well.  ;)

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I'm in! Hamburger & hotdog rolls....Al 

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Count the fam and I in!

We’ll take buns. We’ll also bring a table and pop up shelter.


Probably do a side, but I need to consult my cookbook. 😀

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Count us in! Will bring a table and trash bags.

Doug and Sue


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