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Building a decent, inexpensive overland rig and using it!

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Great article on Jalopnik about creating a reasonable overland rig: How I Made My Cheap SUV Perfect For Sleeping, Camping, And Off-Roading



There are two types of car projects people seem to want to hear about: bottomless-budget masterpieces and rowdy crapcans held together by spit and luck. Those are both fun, of course. But if you’d like some inspiration on a build that’s decent, doesn’t suck to ride in, and didn’t cost tens of thousands, this one’s for you.



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i really like this explanation of the whole "overland" thing right at the start of the article:


"Overlanding is a trendy subculture of the off-road scene right now. People have been loading up 4x4s with adventure gear and heading out into the horizon for a lot longer than Instagram has been around, though.


The idea is basically that you go car camping, but to really epic spots, and to do that you need an off-road vehicle with life-supporting accessories (cooking stuff, water, beer, maybe a sunshade) to be your home for days, or weeks or... years."


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