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12/7/2019 - Backway to Crown King

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Hi! Had a nice little tight group of rigs make the run to Crown King this weekend on Pearl Harbor Day. Weather was awesome, partly cloudy, about 50-60 all day.


Personally, I make this run annually on the first weekend in December. It's sort of become a tradition for me (my 4th year), and it's amazing to see how the trail changes in those 1 year snapshots. Obstacles that were filled in with sand last year were completely washed out this year and drastically changed in difficulty.


@theksmith @REDROCK TONIHAWK @Rubicon 18 and a guest from the Summit Offroad pages joined in for a great run! 


I got high centered twice on my belly skids (I need a lift & tires, man!), and @theksmith got to test out his winch for the first time (but we won't say why!)

All in all, we made it to CK in 5 hours, and nobody broke!








Our guest of honor, Jerry



@Rubicon 18 leading the pack



Creeping on @theksmith and Gadget from above



Jerry on obstacle #4



@Rubicon 18 lookin' mean



Locals giving us the stank eye



A nice look at the trail from above, Lake Pleasant in the background



This spot was slick as hell. @theksmith made it up no problem



Fresh out of the drink where the miner has diverted the trail into the creek



The creek crossing was a heck of a lot of fun. Recent rain and melting snows gave us about a dozen nice crossings and good flowing water.



Breaking for lunch



Nice view of the creek



Glamour poser shot!



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thanks for the fun run Ryan, and for taking the time to post a trip report - great photos as always dude!

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Awesome trip report and pictures! Thanks for planning, posting and leading this trip Ryan, it looks like a great run. Your guest of honor @Jerry Bullis signed up here after the trail run. Cool to have a new member! So thanks for that too!!!

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