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Willow Springs Trail Pictures December 2019

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Sunday we went out to explore Willow Springs Canyon near Apache Junction, AZ. It had been probably about 15 years since George and I had been there,  so we had no idea what the conditions would be like currently. Turns out that the Willow Springs trail is easy, and the scenery is just spectacular. We were there on a cloudy and partly rainy day, and the desert colors came alive. There'd been so much rain lately, that the area is super green and lush; a rarity in AZ. Along for the ride were @theksmith, @klaykrusher, and @gearhead.




We came to this optional obstacle area, but none of us attempted it because everything was so wet we were afraid to slip off.




So we continued on down the trail.






Until we came to this




We could see that offroad buggies could go through that, but not us. So that was the end of the trail for us, and we decided to find a good lunch spot. After lunch, we headed back the way we came.


The rainy day views were breath-taking.




Hey @Lichen! We saw lots of lichen. :)






The story continues in the Club Only section.


Thanks everyone who came out on a rainy day!!


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great photos D. i love how the desert looks after a good soaking!

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