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Quick Look: Fumoto Oil Change Valve

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Fumoto is a Japanese company that has been making mini valves to replace oil drain plugs for a long time. Most sizes/styles cost around $30.


I installed one of these during my previous oil change, so this week's change was the first time actually using it and WOW! It really does make the whole procedure faster and way less messy. 


Fumoto has several styles and plenty of thread sizes in each variation. They all feature a spring loaded valve handle that locks into a detent to prevent unintended opening. For the extra-paranoid, there are versions with a small plastic clip giving you a secondary barrier to accidental opening.


I bought part #F106S which has the correct M14-1.5 threads for my 3.6L and is the short-nipple style. Their original style has a long enough nipple to slip a plastic hose onto, but I liked the more compact design. The short-nipple ones require a little plastic adapter for the hose in order to clip it on securely.


Here's the valve installed on my JK's oil pan, you can see the little black plastic clip that I mentioned since I'm one of those paranoid folks:




And this is the little section of hose I cut down from their hose kit (which included straight and right-angle clip-on ends for the short nipple).




My current lift works out where a 5 gallon bucket will just fit under the engine skid and so I only needed a short section of hose to direct the old oil straight down.


The JK's 3.6L engine takes 6 quarts of oil. I've been buying 5 quart jugs and then using a wide-mouth nalgene bottle to measure out the last quart.




I did the whole oil and filter change in 15 minutes with no drips or spills - and no catch pan to clean up afterwards! The only part that's even slightly messy is grabbing the old filter to pop it off its housing. I just have to take the bucket to Autozone every other time to dump the used oil.


So in short, I highly recommend the Fumoto valve. It's really a must-have if you're doing your own oil changes. The only reasons not to get one are if you have a low-rider who's oil pan nearly scrapes the ground already, or if you just like having hot oil on your hands!

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Nice write up Kris.


i have to admit when you mentioned installing this before my paranoid self said, “oh hell no”.😯

Then I looked at these at the SEMA show in November and was impressed by what I saw and handled.

The plastic clip appeals to my “belt and suspenders” approach to critical  things.  (I do admit however that I might be even happier with safety wire.) Lol


On the subject of disposing of used oil: 
The O’Rileys and Auto Zone stores near me always seem to have full waste oil tanks when I need to dump my waste oil bucket.

My city, Peoria, has a hazardous waste disposal program about 4 times a year where they will pick up right from your house.

They will accept most automotive chemicals, anti freeze etc, among other things.


Under the current program they take whatever container where you have stored the waste.  I’ve had to retire my 5 gallon waste oil bucket but that’s no big deal.

The city contacts me by email well in advance of the upcoming pick up period.  They will assign you a pick up date and all you have to do is put the containers beside your garage and they will be picked up. 

Just an FYI.

Maybe Phoenix has something similar. 

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I had a Fumoto drain valve on my 2005 TJ 4.0 oil pan.  Unfortunately, the end of the drain valve stuck out through the opening in my AEV-Nth Degree oil pan skid plate, so it didn't last very long.  It looks like Kristoffer's skid plate leaves some room between the bottom of the oil pan; my skid plate was flush with the bottom of my oil pan.

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