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custom powder coated screws/bolts/nuts/etc.

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I ran across this company in Kingman, AZ selling various powder-coated screws/bolts/nuts/washers: https://route66mods.com/





I've never had great luck with custom painting bolt heads myself for use on the exterior of a rig, the paint tends to chip pretty quickly. Even when looking for plain black fasteners, many of the "black oxide coated" screws I've purchased online were junk and rusted the first time they got wet. 


Route 66 Mods offers several common size fasteners in the quantity and color of your choice. They also have pre-made "dress-up kits" for certain areas on the JK/JKU




I mainly wanted to pass along the link because of their willingness to tackle low-volume custom orders... it might be just the custom finishing touch someone needs for their next  project!





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