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2020 Barrett Jackson Scottsdale, AZ

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Brady and I attended the first Saturday of the annual Barrett Jackson auction/show this year.


A high point for both of us was the Dodge Thrill ride where you get to ride in a new Hellcat Challenger or Charger with a professional driver on a short course. They showcase the high performance acceleration and braking - then pitch the back-end out on a few corners. We stood in line an hour for just a few seconds of fun, but it was worth it!


We ended up in a Charger and had a former IndyCar racer as our driver. Brady took the font seat and captured this video:



The other big deal for B was looking over the Paul Walker collection (he's a big Fast & Furious fan).


Here are a few vehicles I thought Offroad Passport members might enjoy seeing...






The window sticker said this was a "Marty McFly re-creation":




I desperately wanted one of those as my first vehicle after the Back to the Future movies came out. While I never did end up with a Yota of any sort, I'd take that one in a heartbeat.


Continuing with the movies theme, there was a Griswold Family Truckster available:




A classic FJ40 in great condition:




The General Lee collection:




I saw several old 4x4 Chevy trucks and classic Broncos that I'd also be happy to have!




I know we have some Dodge Power Wagon fans on this site...






I don't really know what this was, but it looked fun!






B was excited with this Skittles rainbow collection of Superbirds (he's a Mopar man)!




Anyone else go this year and get some photos?




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Several years ago, Ford was sponsoring (along with AAA) a hands on Automotive competition. The finals were held at Bondurant school of driving at Firebird raceway. One year we were treated to a similar experience with a Pro driver and Ford Crown Vics,  the next couple of years were hot laps on the racetrack in Mustangs.  Lots of fun!

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