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Die Tryin, 1.2 miles of extreme crawling in CO

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I ran across this excellent video from TrailRecon of the "Die Trying" trail near Montrose, CO.


The trail is only 1.2 miles, and not buggy material - but pretty extreme for any daily driver. A short wheelbase with 37's is recommended (along with 2 lockers, winch, full skids, etc.). It looks like the sort of trail @ChrisD and @stockjeep would make look easy!


Though Gadget isn't up to this level of challenge yet, I enjoyed watching these guys tackle it. I'm envious of a couple of their rigs too - the super clean blue Bronco and "Titan" (the JKU on 40's)!



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That looks pretty need. Unfortunately, I might never make it to Montrose.CO.

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